Monitored GPS:

All of the taxis operated by Whitestone Taxis are equipped with Monitiored GPS for the safety of drivers and passengers – this means that at any time the dispatcher knows where all of the vehicles are, and where they have been.


Whitestone Taxis operate

Whitestone Taxis_mobility

Mobility Vans

Two Hoist equipped total mobility vans, which can be configured to carry up to 4 wheelchairs, or 1 or 2 wheelchairs, and up to 7 able bodied passengers.

Whitestone Taxis 11 seater

Maxi Taxis

Three 11 seater Maxi taxis

whitestone Taxis saloon cars

Saloon Cars

Six saloon cars able to transport up to 4 passengers.

Whitestone Taxis_bike carrier

Car Seats and Bike Carriers

We have baby car seats and bike carriers in every vehicle which are available modvigil at no extra charge.

Whitestone Taxis_delivery

Urgent Delivery Service

Whitestone Taxis will pick up packages from your place of business, or home, for urgent delivery. For further information on approximate pricing give us a call.

whitestown Taxis car_seat

Child Transport

Whitestone Taxis can arrange transport of children to and from school, or after school events.

Whitestone Taxis_bus

Bus Service

Operating an unsubsidized Bus Run servicing North End of Oamaru, operating 3 times each day Monday to Friday.

Whitestone Taxis_0800

0800 Number

We have a convenient 0800 number that can be called from all phone boxes and cell phones.

Whitestone Taxis_japanese translater

Japanese Translator

Whitestone Taxis employ a Japanese speaking driver available here on your request.


NZ Post PO Box Clearance

Have us clear your Post Office box each morning and have the mail delivered to your office before 9am daily.

Flower Deliveries

Need flowers delivered? We can deliver flowers wherever you require. Need flowers put at a loved ones gravesite – give us a call we will deliver them and send a photo to show you how the gravesite is being maintained.









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