Feb 13, 2014

You’ve always been planning to buy a car to take on a weeklong road trip, but you don’t know which make or model to get. Well, that’s not really the first aspect you have to consider. Before anything else, you have to find an established dealer in your area. For example, Tyneside Autoparc is one of the largest independent used car supermarkets in the North East, UK. On the other hand, Makin & Luby Hyundai has been representing the auto brand to the Australian market since 1987.

Once you’ve found a dealer, that is when you have to choose a particular model. This won’t be so difficult when you finally get to see the cars available. So after finally buying, you have to know that bringing your own ride is an ideal option only when you’re going on a road trip in your country. When planning a trip overseas, it’s best to take advantage of taxi hires.


  • It’s more convenient

If you don’t want to spend your holiday constantly wait for the bus to arrive, it pays to hire a taxi service.

Here, at Whitestone Taxis, we make it simple and easy to know how much it costs to get to your destination. Check out our Fares Table to calculate the total fare depending on your location and destination.

We also have baby car seats and bike carriers available in each vehicle for no additional cost. What’s more, you can contact us using our convenient 0800 number from any phone box and cell phone.

  • It can cut down your travel time.

You probably already know by now that taxi drivers are very well versed about short cuts and cutting down travel time. If you have little time to spare, having a knowledgeable driver behind the wheel can give you more time to explore and take pictures.

  • It saves you from having to learn the local traffic rules.

If you’re travelling to New Zealand, as well as other countries, you have to abide with regulations. Plus, you have to take care of certain requirements before driving in a foreign place .

For instance, travellers must have a current and valid overseas licence in English. Otherwise, you will be required to apply for a local driver’s license.

Aside from complying with license requirements, you need to know the basic local traffic rules to drive safely in the country. One important road rule many people forget is to follow the left-side traffic.

  • It ensures you don’t get lost

Driving in a foreign country often means driving with a map in your hand or following GPS navigation system.

In both cases, you can end up compromising your attention on the road, which can lead to driving accidents. You can also get lost and waste precious time and gasoline.

Hiring a taxi allows you to focus on enjoying the sights and sound of New Zealand without having to worry about where you’re heading.

  • It’s safe

As stated, driving overseas presents a variety of safety hazards. Drivers who are unused to driving on the left side, for instance, need to concentrate more to stay on the correct lane and pay closer attention to road signs.

These points clearly show that getting a taxi hire is a wonderful option when going on a holiday to an overseas destination.

Then again, you might prefer checking out sights in your country. If this is the case, you have another option - go on a caravan trip, which you can learn more about by browsing through these references:

  • Watsons Trailers - a practical and comfortable camper trailer suitable for cross-contry trips.

As a note, not all trips are meant for leisure purposes. There may be times when you have to make a business call in other places. Or, you may have to meet an important client. If these are common cases, your best option is executive car hire. The featured companies can provide solutions based on your needs.

So, are these transport options convenient ways to travel? Know that getting around is definitely more hassle-free when you have a ride, whether driven by a chauffeur or not.

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