May 09, 2014

Transport is one of the most important considerations that a person needs to arrange when preparing for a holiday in New Zealand—right up there with accommodation. While specific sightseeing itineraries and dining schedules are flexible, transport needs to be settled from as early a date as possible. This is even more important for travellers who require more spacious vehicles, whether for reasons of mobility or pure preference.

Fortunately, there are plenty of options available to passengers who are concerned about securing a large enough vehicle. Once you touch down at the airport in New Zealand, you can arrange for a fully equipped mobility van or a maxi taxi to show up and carry you to your onward destination. Likewise, services such as Wilderness NZ campervan hire provide a range of fully equipped oversized vehicles that can accommodate you for the duration of your visit.

It’s easy to fixate on the more traditional modes of transport, without giving their alternatives proper consideration. Sure, any airport is going to have a taxi rank where you can board and take off, but these are not the only vehicles available. Likewise, airport car hire desks can arrange a standard sedan for you, but why not consider something a bit more spacious—not to mention comfortable.

Specialty vehicles like those that were listed above can really enhance a person’s holiday experience in New Zealand. Throughout the holiday experience, you’ll enjoy plenty of space for your belongings and any equipment that you need to carry with you. And when it comes to chartering a mobile home, you will enjoy the added bonus of built-in accommodation wherever you travel. All you need is a place to park and occasionally hook-up your vehicle. The rest is taken care of.

Just remember: the breadth of transport options that you have to choose from is only going to work in your favour. There’s no need to limit yourself to only the most traditional modes. Furthermore, when you opt for a more personalised rental, it becomes easier to work in extras, such as bicycle carriers or safety seating for children.

Regardless of the type of transport that you arrange for your next New Zealand holiday, make sure that you choose a provider that has a reputation for going above and beyond in terms of customer service. Again, the sheer number of services that are out there mean that you don’t have to sell yourself short on this count.

For example, companies with impeccable service records (such as Wilderness NZ campervan hire) do much more than merely rent out vehicles. They also amass volumes of information that travellers will find useful while they are visiting New Zealand. They can offer guidance in everything from how to connect to the Internet while you are in the back country to which out-of-the-way sites you absolutely have to visit when you are driving into a particular region. Extra insight such as this is invaluable, and it can give your holiday an extra boost to make it all the more memorable.

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