Combining Taxis and Recreational Vehicles on Holiday

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Jan 16, 2014

Taxis are a regular part of a holiday in Vegas – especially if you plan to do any celebrating while you’re on the strip. However, this is only one form of transport among many, so it is worth doing some research before you set out on a holiday in Sin City.

Many people fly into the city, though there is a growing contingent of people who look in RV rentals in Las Vegas. These travellers may fly in and rent locally, or actually pick their vehicle up in another city (say, Los Angeles, for example) and enjoy the drive through the desert leading up to Nevada.

But even if you end up renting a recreational vehicle and staying on the outskirts of town in a rental park, you’ll still need to avail yourself of a taxi every now and then. When you stay right on the strip, you may end up spending top dollar on a room, but this at least places you within walking distance of the most popular casinos. Should enjoy a cocktail or two while playing the slots, you can still make it back to your room with relative ease. However, visitors who take advantage of motorhome rentals in Las Vegas have a bit farther to go to get back to their vehicles. This doesn’t make staying in a recreational vehicle any less worthwhile. Rather, it just means that taxis are a crucial component of an enjoyable visit.

Bear in mind that, despite Vegas’ laissez-faire approach to life and its penchant for revelry, the drink driving regulations here are still strict. The last thing that you want to do is have one-too-many drinks and then get behind the wheel of a rented vehicle. This is why it’s important that RV rentals in Las Vegas be parked at the motorhome park and taxis relied on for transport to and from the casino district.

Drink driving penalties in Vegas could include combination of the following:

  • Between two days to six months of prison time
  • Several days’ worth of community service
  • Registration in an alcohol awareness programme
  • Significant fines

Of course, every situation varies. In any event, suffice it to say that you do not want to be caught behind the wheel when you have been drinking in Vegas. With that in mind, all that you need to do is rely on taxis during those times when it is best not to get behind the wheel. Actually, this will make your experience with campervan rental in Las Vegas even more rewarding. When you plan on spending time in the casinos, it turns out being much more convenient to leave the vehicle hooked up in the car park rather than battening down the hatches, driving it onto the strip and looking for parking again. But when you leave the back and forth work to taxi drivers, this frees you up to enjoy the time you spend in Vegas with your friends or family.

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