Jun 06, 2014

Not all entrepreneurs have secretaries or a whole team of personal assistants to help them plan their business trips. But that doesn’t mean that a self-made boss like you can’t plan travels abroad successfully on your own. Sure, it won’t be easy, but it can be manageable and less stressful if you prepare and know how to take charge of your itinerary and other needs.

Adopt these best practices and you’ll be handling your business travels like a pro.

Prepare All Documents Needed for Your Business Transactions

You want to make sure that all your entrepreneurial operations follow proper processes. So know what legal permits you need to apply for when doing business overseas. If you will be meeting clients or investors and are planning to bring your products with you, you should get custom clearance with the help of exporting specialists. They have the experience and resources to deal with the complicated steps involved in local and foreign protocols so you can rely on them to take care of the legal concerns while you have more time to handle other business matters.

Ready Your Travel Documents

Aside from a passport, some countries have other entry requirements for foreigners so it pays to do your research ahead of time. Find out what kind of visa and other documents you need to acquire and make sure your passport is not expired and adheres to the most recent regulations. See to it that you finish processing these and the custom clearance for your merchandise weeks before your scheduled departure so you have enough time to check if you need to apply for other travel or business documents. You wouldn’t want immigration to deny you entry because of incomplete requirements, especially when you are supposed to meet a very important client or investor. If you don’t want to deal with the complications of processing documents for your business trip, then you can hire a travel agent to assist you.

Plan Your Transportation Options

A great solution is to take advantage of professional taxi services that provide reliable drivers and different types of vehicles. This is especially helpful when you will be visiting a place for the first time since your taxi driver will be familiar with routes and the locality. Forget about worrying about being late for your business meeting just because you took one wrong turn on the road. After all, you’re the boss and you deserve to just sit back, relax, and enjoy the view.

Make Sure You Are Healthy

Obtain all required vaccinations and get enough rest, nutrition, and exercise before, during, and after your travel abroad. The whole experience can be quite stressful, especially if you will be doing everything on your own. So you need to fight the jet lag plus the pressure of clinching new business partners, investors, and clients by making sure your mind and body can be at their optimal condition. Schedule enough time for R and R in between business meetings.

Aside from planning your itinerary and preparing your travel and business documents, read up on the customs and culture of your foreign counterparts. Knowing the basic etiquette for business travel abroad can save you from awkward moments of accidentally offending your overseas partners and can show that you were considerate enough to try and understand and adapt to their practices. Now that’s doing business like a boss.

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